Saturday, March 19, 2011

Murphys Law and Flying

My brother Warren and his wife Sheila came to visit us recently. It was a really fun time, although Murphy's law was in full affect.
He had bought into a 1/6 ownership on a little Champ airplane housed at the Estrella Warbirds museum and was planning on flying it every day. As it turned out the plane was out of annual so the first 4 days were spent performing an annual inspection on the aircraft. Then of course there were scheduling problems with the instructor and generally poor flying weather. In the end Warren got everything resolved and we ended up getting some really great flying in. One day we flew to Shafter Airfield. We made a couple of trips to SLO airport (for pie and coffee) and a trip to Santa Maria Airport for lunch. I got a lot out of the experience as I got to see Warren deal with some heavy air traffic around SLO airport and about a 16 knot crosswind landing at Santa Maria airport. I can't wait for the next time bother is out here so we can do it again.

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